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Students from various levels of education express their thoughts and impression about their colleagues who have a different religion.
Jamāl Badawī stresses the importance of being aware of the danger that threatens the national unity of Egypt under the mask of international calls for justice and prosperity.
The article sheds light on a report issued by the Immigration Bureau in Vienna on the Islamophobia phenomenon.
The author articulates some basic rules of interfaith dialogue, which he asserts should be followed by all parties.
The author discusses the plight of Christians in Iraq.
A big picture of a European girl wearing an Islamic veil was put on one of the most important buildings in Copenhagen under the title "the symbol of the Middle East." The picture caught the attention of passers by, especially Arabs.
There has been peaceful coexistence between religions in Egypt for a long time.
With the long confrontation between the two civilizations, Islam and the West, the two sides inherited deep-rooted ideas about each other. The Christian and Jewish West does not acknowledge Islam as a heavenly religion. This is the most prominent and dangerous idea inherited by the West....
The text is a summary of an article in AlAhram, Egypt’s most influential daily, in which the author argues that Israel and the USA are trying to create religious tensions in Egypt by targeting Islam. The author reports that a picture of the Prophet Mohammed as a pig on the Holy Qur’an came at the...
Four different opinions from Muslims and Christians, concerning the campaign launched by the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights to have religion data omitted from identity cards.


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