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I participated this week in a meeting to which I was invited by friend novelist Dr. 'Azzah Kāmil, Director of Appropriate Communication Techniques for Development Organization [ACT]. The meeting’s title was “Towards Effective Strategies for Combating Violence and Trafficking of Women and Girls”. Dr...
After nearly 2000 days have passed, the author highlights the unforgettable story of the conversion of Wafā’ Qustantīn.
The Abū al-Matāmīr tensions triggered a full-page article in Sawt al-Ummah newspaper claiming that Israel wants to declare a Coptic state in Upper Egypt or Hurghada. Other discussions followed the tensions, some of them very emotional.
This special report provides information about the developments of Wafaa Costantine’s conversion according to news Egyptian newspapers published about her in chronological order
In early December 2004, a small number of Copts from the northern Egyptian governorate of al-Beheira gathered at 7.00 p.m. outside the Saint Mark Cathedral in the Cairo district of al-Abbassiya to call on Pope Shenouda III to bring them back the allegedly kidnapped wife of Father Youssef Moawad.
The author talks about Islam in Europe, and highlights the necessary steps that are needed to ensure a peaceful coexistence of cultures.
Last week witnessed wrathful demonstrations of thousands of Copts who conducted a five-day sit-in at the premises of St Mark’s cathedral at Abassiya, Cairo, which is also the papal seat. They were demanding the return of a priest’s wife who had disappeared under suspicious circumstances, and who,...
Forty-six-year-old Ms Costantin left home as usual on Saturday 27 November to go to work at the local office of the Agricultural Reform Authority where she is an agriculturalist, and has not been seen since. She was reported missing at the local police station.
Last week’s editorial discussed at length the explosion of the pent-up anger of the Copts in Assiut, Upper Egypt, at their continued suffering from grievances long shelved by the authorities. I wrote that Assiut was no exception among Egypt’s Coptic communities. The week's events unexpectedly...
A copy of the Group for Democratic Development and Andalus Institute for Tolerance and Anti-Violence Studies’ report on the Alexandria sectarian riots in October 2005.


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