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  AWR's Hānī Hamdī continues to survey Egyptian newspaper coverage of the Alexandria church bombing. He reports that Tuesday's coverage focused primarily on Coptic protests, which continue in different areas of Egypt some three days after the attack...
Prosecutor General ‘Abd al-Majīd Mahmūd has released nineteen Copts allegedly involved in the November riot over the stoppage of construction at a church in ‘Umraniyyah, Giza. A statement by Mahmūd says that the detainees were released because of “humanitarian and social circumstances,” stating...
Intern Damas Addeh looks back on his unexpected experience at a Coptic demonstration in Cairo that dealt with the issue of divorce and remarriage within the church.
Arab-West Report covers Coptic protests over the Supreme Administrative Court decision obliging the church to remarry divorcees. Jayson Casper offers his reflection on the demonstrations.
Many Copts organized protests in front of the Radio and Television Union Building, demonstrating against the media coverage of recent sectarian incidents. In addition, they accused the Union of increasing the sectarian strife.
Al-Dustūr reports on the reactions of Christian activists after releasing six detainees arrested during the Naj‘ Hammādī incident.
Ni‘mah disappeared shortly after her 18th birthday. The people of Mallawī are protesting against the security apparatus for not keeping promises to bring her back after nine months missing.
The article reviews some opinions from Coptic figures about the protests Copts organized in the church after Naja‘ Hammādī incident.
The author highlights the subjective method of selecting specific historical events to support one’s point of view.


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