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The Youth Against Discrimination movement has announced that it will join the Coptic new year strike.
Press review based on: Al-Wafd, September 20, 2009 (p. 7); Al-Miṣrī al-Yawm, September 19, 2009 (p. 3); Al-Dustūr, September 18, 2009 (p. 1), September 19, 2009 (p. 14), September 21, 2009 (p. 12); An armed man stabs a Coptic man to death in a village in Munūfīyah, and continues on his...
7000 Christians demonstrate in Egypt to ask for their rights.
The Coptic Orthodox Church keeps its distance from the peaceful opposition gathering of Copts in the church of ‘Izbat al-Nakhl.
Copts of ‘Izbat Bushrá stage a sit-in in Beni Sweif protesting against Muslims’ attacks against their church.
The authorities have destroyed a building that allegedly violated its license. Christians claim the building was destroyed following rumors that it was going to be turned into a church.
The article sheds light on a demonstration held by a group of Mīt Namā’s residents protesting against being whipped out of their land. The piece of land was meant to hold a building for church services. The furious crowd wanted to meet the pope but did not succeed.
Seven sit-ins were staged in Egypt’s churches in 2007. The following lines describe some of them and Christian clergymen and laymen’s reactions to them.
Some 40 Copts were staging a sit-in inside a monastery in south Cairo in protest against the disappearance of a Coptic woman they said had eloped with a Muslim man, according to security sources and Egyptian church officials.
A group of Coptic Orthodox clergymen launch a big campaign against the “autocracy” of Bishop Bīshūy, general secretary of the Holy Synod. The report made accusations against Bishop Bīshūy and severely criticized his policy and questioned the legitimacy of his ordination.


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