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A New Zealand force entered in Syria, to carry out a search for the "New Zealand nurse" Louisa Akavi, whom the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) announced to be among its three kidnapped officers in Syria in 2013.
‘Izbit al-Najārīn, an area belonging to the Masārrah village of Dayrūt, and home to 3,000 Copts, has been under threat from a gang led by a man named Jabrūt K ("J.K."). The gang has been threatening to kidnap villagers’ children if they do not pay ransom money. The situation began at the beginning...
Copts in Dayrūt of Asyut Governorate are terrified following repeated attacks by groups of thugs. 
‘Iffat  al-‘Iryān, the husband of ‘Imān Marcos, known as the woman of Jabal al- Tayr that the leaders of the church sent his wife to an unknown place until things calm down in the village.
‘Imān Marcus Sarophim, who is known as the “lady of the Jabal al- Tayr village” whose absence from home and her alleged abduction has led to acts of violence, has returned to her house.
On Sunday 14th of September, more than 200 Copts attacked a police station in the village Jabal al-Tayr, belonging to the governorate Minya, with Molotov cocktails which hurt three policemen and destroyed three police cars.
A police officer in Dayrūt has arrested a gang made of 6 people who are believed to be involved in kidnapping a Copt.
The Syrian Monitor for Human Rights stated that the offshoot of al- Qa’īdah, known as ISIS, has sold 300 Yezidi women for 1000 dollars per woman.
Meanwhile, the Abū Tisht prosecution in the Upper Egyptian governorate of al-Minya ordered the investigative custody of Kamāl ‘Abd al-‘Azīm ‘Abd al-Jawwād for four days on charges of kidnapping 13-year-old Coptic student. The kidnapper was arrested by Muslim locals in a village after they ambushed...
In Beni Suef governorate, Zakī Tawfīq Andrawus, 56-years-old, his spouse Su’ād Akhnūn, 47-years-old and Zakī’s nephew Peter Nabīl Andrawous, 23-years-old remanded under custody four days pending investigation for disdaining religion, inciting on kidnaping and stealing money. The three suspects are...


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