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On Sunday 14th of September, more than 200 Copts attacked a police station in the village Jabal al-Tayr, belonging to the governorate Minya, with Molotov cocktails which hurt three policemen and destroyed three police cars.
A police officer in Dayrūt has arrested a gang made of 6 people who are believed to be involved in kidnapping a Copt.
The Syrian Monitor for Human Rights stated that the offshoot of al- Qa’īdah, known as ISIS, has sold 300 Yezidi women for 1000 dollars per woman.
The Coptic woman's ambition never ends; she is tireless, and never gives up trying to get her rights, especially in facing the church’s legacy of dominance over women’s affairs.
Member of the Council of the Wise and Lay People (Arakhna in Coptic) and professor at the Minya Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Mīna Thābet, strongly denounced cases of Copts' abduction against ransom that emerged back on the scene, commenting that these crimes have the aim of exhausting the financial...
Minya was a center of sectarian violence, whether related to the building of churches, the holding of Christian services, rumors about romantic affairs between Muslims and Christians, or cases of regular disputes that quickly turned to mob violence between Muslims and Christians.
Cornelis Hulsman; a Dutch scholar on Arab-West relations and Editor-in-Chief of Arab-West Report first visited Egypt in 1975. Hulsman's line of work is primarily linked to Christian-Muslim relations and he strongly believes that religious issues and relations are an important element of...
Conversion in Egypt is a complicated and thorny issue.
  Two news reports have stoked sectarian tensions in Upper Egypt in recent weeks. The first involves two young Coptic girls who were allegedly kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam. The second involves a protest at a church were Muslims reportedly threatened to kill the priest...   There is a...
 Thousands of Copts descended on the Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in ‘Abbāssīyah, Cairo on Friday, May 6, in response to a Salafi Muslim demonstration at the same location a week earlier


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