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Bishop Cyril of Najaʿ Ḥammādī praised the annual visit conducted by the governorate’s executive leadership, headed by the Governor of the territory, to the Archbishopric to present their well-wishes for the feast.
In an act of political stupidity and arrogance, Republican representative Dave Trott presented a piece of draft legislation titled “The Issue Concerning Coptic Churches in Egypt,” which was discussed during the 114th session of Congress. It was then referred to the Committee on Foreign...
Dr. Khālid al-ʿInānī, Egyptian Minister of Antiquities, said that Egypt, throughout its history, has excelled in religious tolerance throughout the various eras it has endured.
That beautiful mosque no longer exists in Abu Dhabi. Its name has changed from The Mosque of Muḥammad Bin Zāyid to The Mosque of the Virgin Mary or the Mother of Jesus. 
Many legends surround an old tree called the “Virgin Mary Tree,” located in the ancient al-Maṭariyya district of eastern Cairo.
When culture meets tolerance and knowledge and a light spirit, then we are in front of Rev. Dr. Ikrām Lamʿī, the official spokesman of the Evangelical Church and Professor of Theology. He spoke with us about his memories and rituals during the month of Ramadan, breaking several religious...
"I was very touched when I heard that Christians, who represent an important fabric of Egyptian society, respect the rituals of Islam and are very careful not to eat nor drink during the daytime in Ramadan, accompanying their Muslim brothers" said Ali Riza Güney, acting Turkish ambassador to...
The Copts of al-Wādī al-Jadīd (New Valley) participated in the muḥammadiyyaNight [religious celebration] under the guidance of Pastor Shinūda, patron of the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in al-Khārjah City. 
The Catholic Church of the Red Sea congratulated Al-Azhar on the occasion of ʿĪd al-Fiṭr
  The birth of Dr. Mīlād Ḥannā in Shubrā neighbourhood has had a great impact on him, like all of the sons of the ancient Egyptian neighbourhood, Christians and Muslims [alike].


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