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The real issue in the current controversy surrounding Najwa Karam, the Lebanese singer, is that of incriminating people without proof, of passing judgment on them without hearing their defense. The case of Ms. Karam could occur in totalitarian regimes, not in Egypt.
Fourteen centuries have passed since the Islamic conquest of Egypt and the first meeting between the conquering Arabs and Egyptian Copts. The article discusses the conquest of Egypt, and the relationships between the Copts and the invading army of Arabs.
Charged by the Ministry of Education, Muslim and Christian experts from all national trends joined the committee to rewrite the syllabuses about the history of Egypt -- until the Ibn Khaldoun Center began to spread its sectarian ideas about minorities. A summary of interviews with a professor in...
The Governor of Northern Sinai is working to make the anniversary celebrations of the entry of Islam to Egypt consistent with the holiness of the event honoring the receiving of Islam and its armies.
Egypt celebrates the passage of 14 centuries since the Arab Conquest of Egypt "to promote [its] historical value ... and to affirm that Egypt is the cradle of religions..." Celebrations counter the argument that the aim of the Arab conquest of Egypt was to loot its wealth and conquer its Copts.
The Ibn Khaldoun Center is accused to take every opportunity to speak about the existence of a minority in Egypt. The author of the article, obviously, doesn’t believe the Copts are a minority. It points to the fact that the Ibn Khaldoun Center receives much financing from abroad.
Illusive Religious Wars In his "The Mediterranean Sea" book published in Paris in 1985, the French historian Brodil likens the relationship between Islam and Christianity with the relationship between the dog and the cat: If the dog and the cat find themselves in one place, it requires the decision...
All Egyptians enjoyed freedom, equality and justice under the rule of the Muslims. The whole Egyptian people, Muslim and Christian, became an inseparable part of the Islamic civilization and culture.
In an interview with the Muslim intellectual Dr. Abdullah Saleh Al-Obaid, Secretary General of the Islamic World Association, he said that Muslims and Christians in the Islamic East cooperate and live in peace since the rise of Islam.
A TV station from Qatar organized a live debate on the American Freedom of Religious Persecution Law and el-Koshh between Mustafa Bakri, editor in chief of Al-Osboa newspaper, and Maurice Sadek, president of the Center for Human Rights and National Unity. Sadek, who defended the recently accepted...
On the occasion of the Golden Jubilee for the International Declaration of Human Rights, which is being celebrated these days by the world, the Research and Studies Center of Third World Countries, of the Political Science College at Cairo University, has held a symposium on the future of human...
The last 3,000 years witnessed the birth of three major religions, The first two had religions had an ongoing political conflict between them, to be concluded by the appearance of Islam as the final and most comprehensive religion.
Pope Shenouda III assured that a deviated minority of Copts abroad does not represent all Egyptian Copts abroad.
An interview with Gamal Asa’ad on the role of Pope Shenouda and persecution.
’Love Street’ previously was 54 Sidi Bishr Street, but reality has changed the name since a mosque stands next to a church and Muslims and Christians peacefully live together, experiencing the sweet and bitter days of life.
Ninety eighty percent of the US Senate voted for the religious persecution law which forces the White House to take measures against countries accused of practicing any form of religious prosecution. Despite objections to the law while it was being discussed [in Congress] earlier this year, the...
Priests and prominent Christian figures of both Al-Kushh village and Sohag governorate sent a message to all Egyptians and Copts in the country and abroad describing the Sunday Telegraph’s report as being false and biased.
Lebanon is currently witnessing a clear attack of foreign religious delegates flocking into the country. The delegations come with many themes, ranging from those who have come to apologize for the deeds of the Crusaders to those who have come to call for world peace and family ties.
The Mufti says that the reason for Egypt’s defeat in the June 1967 war was due to its atheism and moving away from religion. However, the Mufti adds the victory of October 1973 was because of our strong faith and tight grasp on religion, which made God stand by Egypt’s side, and angels crossed the...
A group of ’the Ancestors of the Crusaders’ has unexpectedly arrived in Lebanon apologizing for what their ancestors did around 900 years ago.


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