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Trade played a great role in spreading Islam all over the world. Muslim merchants were a good example that was followed by other people.
It is an unfair offense what the pope said about Islam being spread by force. Islamic history is full of examples of the liberty and respect by which Muslim leaders treated newly conquered cities, at a time when the Byzantine Empire had no rules for fighting and killing.
This article continues the series by Watani International, tracing the history of how modern-day Egyptians came to be what they are today and marking their origins and the origin of their traditions.
This article analyzes the contradictions in Yūhannā al-Nīqūsī’s testimony on the seventh century Islamic conquest.
Asīmah Janu discusses the Islamic stereotype spread in the West.
This article resumes Father Būlus Bāsīlī’s discussion of his prison experience.
The author discusses Bishop Yūhannā al- Naqyūsī’s historical account of the seventh century Arabian conquest of Egypt and refutes the claims mentioned either by him or the Abyssinian translator about the brutality of the Arabs when they entered Egypt.
On the 15th anniversary of Armenia’s independence from the former Soviet Union, the Armenian ambassador to Egypt, Dr. Rouben Karapelian, gives an interview to al- Ahrām, during which he speaks out about the remarkable economic progress that has been made in his country after its independence and on...
With the long confrontation between the two civilizations, Islam and the West, the two sides inherited deep-rooted ideas about each other. The Christian and Jewish West does not acknowledge Islam as a heavenly religion. This is the most prominent and dangerous idea inherited by the West....
Subtitles:Abdel Nasser did not differentiate in nationalizing Coptic or Islamic capitalNo single Copt was in the highest positions of the Front of the Liberal Officers. The only Copt was in the second lineAbdel Nasser joined the priests and hit secularismThe revolutionaries were the first to invent...


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