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Shaykh of the Azhar Muḥammad Sayyid Ṭanṭāwī asserted that he had not yet announced his final approval to visit the Vatican, stating that the decision as to whether to approve or reject the visit requires deliberation and would not be made until the Azhar receives a formal invitation from Pope...
The head of the International Forum of Women in Mexico invited the head of the Azhar Committee of Inter- religious Dialogue to attend a three-day international conference in Mexico City. The conference includes the issue of inter-religious dialogue on its agenda.
Many conferences about terrorism and the distorted image of Arabs and Muslims in the Western media were held last week. The International Council for Mission and Aid held an inter-religious dialogue conference in the Azhar. The Islamic Council for inter-civilization dialogue and the Islamic...
Committee of al-Azhar for Dialogue with Monotheistic Religions was dissolved due to estimated shortages of the committee in facing the recent repeated offenses against Islam. A new committee was formed.
A Muslim-Christian conference has been held to face, what the author describes as, the chaos of religious freedom of expression.
In this article, the author discusses the latest crisis of the ‘Document of Religious Rights’, signed by the Azhar, which he claims allows proselytizing. The author believes that such problems could be avoided by involving the Islamic Research Academy further in such matters.
The Document of Religious Rights, signed in April 2005 by the former head of the Interfaith Dialogue Committee, Dr. Fawzī al-Zifzāf, with visiting U.S. Christian clerics, has been categorically rejected by the Religious Affairs Committee of the People’s Assembly, on the grounds that it "...
The Dialogue Committee at the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs has announced a draft bill on respect of religions and prevention of contempt for the beliefs of ‘the other’. The draft will be presented at the next session of the UN General Assembly.
Shaykh ‘Umar al-Dīb, the new head of the Azhar’s Inter-Religious Committee for Dialogue between the Heavenly Religions, in an interview spoke about the tasks and the financial system of the committee.
The author believes that the Azhar Inter-Religious Dialogue Committee has turned into a public relations office doing nothing but distributing complements and congratulations at Western churches without having a real dialogue with the Vatican.


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