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Islamist groups experts confirmed that the claims and threats of elements affiliated to Dā`esh of targeting Christians in Egypt, has reinforced cohesion of the entire society.
Safwat Seifin Labīb, alias Safwat al-Battātī, is a Coptic poet. Born in Qena in the early 1960s, al-Battātī, brought together Muslims and Copts into one fabric.
Heading the delegation of United Arab Emirates, Dr. Amal Al- Qūbaysī, president of the Emirates Federal Council, was welcomed by Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of St. Mark at the Coptic Orthodox headquarters in Egypt.
An Egyptian parliamentary and media delegation visited the Egyptian Church in Kuwait on the sidelines of a five-day celebration of the 150th anniversary of parliamentary life in Egypt and the honoring of former Kuwaiti parliamentarians. The celebration ceremony will be from October 30 to November 1...
On the sideline of the Coptic Solidarity's 7th Conference on Highlighting Inequality Faced By Coptic Christians held annually in Washington, Egypt's tycoon Naguīb Sawīres disclosed exclusive statements to Al-Misrī al-Yawm.
Students and staff at Cairo University, Egypt’s largest public university, will no longer be asked to disclose their religion when filling out paperwork, as the university is taking steps to prevent religious discrimination.
Al-Azhar Observer welcomed the decision of the United Nations Educational, Cultural, and Scientific Organization (UNESCO) on Friday, which considered Al-Aqsa Mosque a holy site and worship for Muslims, according to state media.
Dr. Ahmad al-Sāwī, professor of doctrine and philosophy at Al-Azhar University , said that what the Israeli Knesset did to vote on a project that bans the Muslim call to prayer in Palestine, is extremism and a barbaric act that is not in accord with any freedom or international charters.
Beni Suēf University used a background image behind guests of the conference which shows a cross with the image of a mosque inside of it to show the relationships which link Muslims and Copts in the Beni Suēf Governorate in particular, and Egypt in general.
Egypt's ambassador to Kuwait, Yāsser `Ātef, affirmed that the principles of all Abrahamic religions must be translated into daily life practices, citing the Prophet's narrative “love for your brother what you love for yourself.” “We reject any wrong doing committed against our Christian brothers...


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