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Veto Gate commemorated the Palm Sunday Observance in Egypt and shed light on the unity between Muslims and Christians. This unity was manifest in Muslims Joining forces with their Coptic brothers buying palms and take part in the celebration in Minya.
Dr. Wajdī al-Najdī, the owner of the mosque of the Virgin Mary in Minya, said that the works of construction in the mosque were completely finished. al-Najdī continued that some of the construction work for the hospital annexed to the mosque is still remaining, stressing that it will be concluded...
Egypt is witnessing escalating terror attacks in the name of Islam, while Islam is not only innocent of such atrocities, but it brings teachings that would never allow such atrocities to take place. 
The Minister of Immigration and Egyptian Expatriate Affairs, Nabīlah Makram, concluded her visit to Los Angeles, and met with members of the Egyptian community.
Since the ancient Egypt to the present day, the concept of duality colors much of the Egyptian way of thinking. Many symbols were used by the ancient Egyptians, some of their associations and meanings are lost to us.
The UAE Office for Social Development and Infrastructure Projects in Egypt organizes a conference tomorrow, Thursday, to announce the launch of integral projects aimed at providing social, cultural and medical assistance to members of the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church.
Shaikh Nazīh, reader of the Holy Qur'ān, received a phone call from his friend Botros, his neighbour in Shubra, requesting that the Shaikh attends wearing his official clothes! And in minutes Shaikh Nazīh donned the robe, turban and caftan.
Egyptian MP `Abd Al-Rahīm `Ali praised the Egyptian Church for  its positive and effective cooperation with all of the African countries in general and with the Nile Basin countries in particular. 
Heliopolis Library of the Heliopolis Cultural Association, presided by Farūq al-Jawhari, organized a trip to The Multi-Religion Compound in Old Cairo (Misr al-Qadīma) where the three monotheistic religions embrace in a message of religious tolerance.
Egyptian Christians held a conference in the United States of America to defend their rights as minority. The meeting conferred using the same pretext and means former colonialist powers used throughout history to invade Egypt and to interfere in its domestic affairs: sectarianism. Sectarianism is...


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