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What about converting young Coptic girls!? There are some people who work really hard to defame Egypt. They twist the truth and try to show that Egypt is an ugly false country.
The Freedom House shows much concern about what is happening in Egypt, China and Vietnam, not paying the least attention to Israel’s practices. Also other groups are mentioned in the article. The conclusion of the author is that there are many slanders, some people are really making money out of...
The author of the article asks why the syllabus proposed by the Ibn Khaldoun Institute tries to persuade pupils that the Prophet erred and opposes claims that Mosque speakers incite Muslims against Christians.
Claims made in the western press about the rape of Christian girls in Egypt, and forcing them to become Muslims with the allegation that this takes place with the blessing of the police stirs and angry response from the authorities and Christians.
Al-Watani newspaper hosted a symposium on the national role of the Egyptian Church. The symposium was organized in cooperation with the Center for National Unity Studies, a civic institution devoted to establishing values of national unity through dialogue between various cultural groups.
[Note: The same news was published in all Egyptian newspapers of that day.] On the morning of June 3, President Mohammed Hosni Mubarak received the Grand Imam Dr. Mohammed Sayyed Tantawi the Sheikh Al-Azhar, and 19 prominent muslim clerics at the Presidential Palace in Heliopolis yesterday morning...
A review of a book by Milad Hanna calling for a culture of mutual acceptance and the emphasis on national identity over a sectarian religious identity, as well as some background information on Dr Milad Hanna himself.
Although they constitute an integral part of the social fabric, Copts are scarcely represented in the cinema. This scanty representation is quite disproportional to the real magnitude of their presence or their social roles. A new, soon-to-be-screened film, "Forbidden Talk", which depicts a Copt...
There are in the history of Egyptian women tens of examples that said, still say and insist that "religion is for God, the country for all." Four Egyptian Christian women are profiled here as examples to show that Coptic Christian women are patriotic Egyptians.
The recent "National Role of the Egyptian Church throughout the Ages" symposium was exemplary as a useful. Sabah Al-Kheir followed on the event and attended the researches, studies and discussions presented.


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