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Why did Al-Azhar close its doors before the Copts after it had embraced the prominent ones? Why did the Copts forget their uprising against the last Coptic Prime minister? Why does not the state adopt a national project to finish off the demon of fanaticism?
The national unity of Muslims and Copts in Egypt is revealed in the architectural similarities in both churches and mosques. The design is very similar from the outside. It only differs from the inside according to each one’s beliefs.
The first Christian school was built by four monks in the 19th century and they are an example on national unity in Egypt. Saad Zaghloul, Ali Sabry and Esmat Abdel-Megid, who are all famous Muslim figures, graduated from Christian schools.
Akher Saa asked Cornelis Hulsman about his reporting about al-Koshh since August 1998.
Whatever the circumstances were, or the excuses, what happened last week in Al-Koshh that is located in Upper Egypt should not pass away without strict and harsh punishment for everyone who caused or participated in or encouraged the disaster.
What happened in Al-Koshh can be described as the new nightmare of the new century. These nightmares have reasons which should not be ignored. The Minister of External affairs insisted in his speech in front of the Shura [that is, Consultative] Council and People’s Assembly that what happened was...
The Egyptian and international reactions on the Al-Koshh incidents followed each other. The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights [EOHR] issued a statement in which it said that one of the principal reasons for the rioting is not confirming the principal of citizenship in the minds of the...
The incidents that happened in Al-Koshh hurt the hearts of all the Egyptians. Everyone believed that there were hidden hands behind them. So, we met with the officials who are responsible for the Religious Brotherhood Group. It is one of the ancient organizations, which is responsible for...
An interview with Ibrahim Shukry, the 83 year old head of the Islamist Labor Party on al-Koshh and the place of Coptic Christians in Egypt.
The Coptic former member of Parliament, Gamal Asaad, says that there is a crisis that should be handled and a priest whose role should be restricted. The Coptic researcher Rafiq Habib and the Christian historian Yunan Labib Rizq believes the violence was related to a poisoned public atmosphere


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