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Sidhom discusses Tarek Heggy’s philosophy about the principle of ’accepting the other’. "That deserves to replace the principles of tolerance as a distinguishing mark of civilization in tomorrow’s world." he says.
The opinions of the late Sheikh Mitwali Al-Sha’arawi and Father Matta Al-Meskin summarize to a large extent the features of the personality of Pope Shenouda.
The column of the prominent Wafd-member Zaklamah mentioned this time the great achievements in the early days of the Wafd party in the 1920s when Egyptians were united in their struggle against the British Occupation.
The American Zionists conspiracies in the last two decades wanted to mislead the Copts. To weaken their traditional relations with Muslims they have used disloyal Coptic Organizations that work from abroad and co-operate with some Westernized people in Egypt.
The Coptic Orthodox Society in Helwan organized a symposium under the title "The Koshh events between lies and truth". The society refuted the campaign waged by the British newspaper [the Sunday Telegraph], stressed National Unity and rejected the interference of The House of Lords and the...
Dr. Mohamed Sayed Tantawi, the Sheikh of Al-Azhar, described those claiming Copts are persecuted in Egypt as liars and their allegations have no logical basis.
Zaklama comments on the incident of Al-Koshh which had become a major internal issue, distorted in the media.
Pope Shenouda III assured that a deviated minority of Copts abroad does not represent all Egyptian Copts abroad.
Daniel Kurtzer, US Ambassador to Cairo, said relations between Egypt and the USA are excellent, and President Clinton cares about discussing the latest development in the region with President Hosni Mubarak. He said he himself assured that what happened in Al-Koshh has nothing to do with...
The media frenzy caused by the events of Al-Koshh and the exaggerated reactions is a matter which invites us to wonder. Why were all these attempts made to assure a fact!! The Copts enjoy full citizenship and do not face any sort of persecution. Such horror over this issue does not deny there is a...


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