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Adel Hussein, the gray-eminence of the Islamist Labor Party believes there is a "hostile satanic alliance now uses sectarianism to invoke internal unrest in Egypt by creating a gap between Muslims and Christians." The state has not produced any plan up till now to refute these charges and to back...
Excessive reports appeared abroad about police torture in el-Koshh.
The Grand Imam Dr. Mohammed Sayed Tantawi, the Sheikh of the Azhar, announced he received the Evangelical delegation from the state of California and from Egypt.
Also Dr. al-Qimni addresses issues of double standards. For example one of the current Sheikhs of extremism thinks that it is the Muslim’s duty to declare war against Bulgaria and Spain since they were once Islamic territories. But territories that were once Christian are not discussed. Several...
The Coptic lawyer Morris Sadeq is suing a Coptic researcher who described Sadeq’s actions as violence against the state.
The author laments the style in which writers have been discussing the Muslim Christian issues.


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