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Over the last few years, Egyptian political leadership has moved toward changing laws regulating the building and restoration of churches. The legal obstacle before the restoration of churches no longer exists but some intolerant state officials still represent an obstacle. As a result, some Copts...
Pope Benedict XVI urged the Islamic world, at his end-of-year speech to the Roman Curia, to respect human rights and the freedom of faith as the Catholic Church had done in the past.
The author calls on international media and civil society to help in the promotion and protection of human rights in the Middle East.
The author discusses the pope’s recent visit to Turkey, and emphasizes the intellectual battle raging between the West and the religious ideology of today, both in the Vatican and in militant Islam.
During his visit to Turkey, which witnessed tension, the Roman Catholic Pope Benedict XVI praised Turkey’s recent policy changes toward minorities, saying that this was enough to allow Turkey’s entrance in the EU.
A history of Watani and its relationship with the church following a controversial article printed in the newspaper considered offensive by the Coptic Church.
Mu‘taz Billāh ‘Abd al-Fattāh discusses the difference between liberalism and secularism.
Nabīl ‘Abd al-Malik suspects that certain articles of the Egyptian constitution will be amended while others will be left untouched. He believes that a whole integrated constitution has to be established to follow a unified political philosophy that respects the rights of all citizens, especially...
The writer is discussing the debate about suggestions for reforming religious curricula for secondary schools, because these curricula are said to repeat, word by word, phrases from the books of the executed ex-leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sayyid Qutb.
Nabīl Zakī reports about how the issue of human rights is being tackled in educational religious curricula.


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