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In an interview with Gerrit Roos of Reformatorisch Dagblad and Cornelis Hulsman, Bishop Marqus highlights the problems facing Christians in Egypt today. These problems include issues such as church building, conversion, the Egyptian education system and the emigration of Christians abroad.
’The Copts, Christianity in the Shadows of Pyramids and Minarets’ was the name of a conference that was held at the Evangelical academy in Hofgeismar. During the conference participants discussed Copts’ history in Egypt and the current situation.
Gerrit Roos investigates the complex relations between Christians and Muslims in Egypt. He interviewed a number of Christian figures and analyzes the reasons why people emigrate from the country.
As a new parliamentary session gets under way, Watani International reignites the issue of the unified law for houses of worship.
The author reported on the fourth annual report of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, which monitored 23 violations of religious freedoms in Egypt during April, May and June. The report focused on the areas of violation of court rulings, sectarian tension and violent incidents, security’s...
A Christian high-school student tried to commit suicide after being made to sit the Islamic exam because her father converted to Islam.
In the last three months Watanī newspaper has pushed hard for the unified law for building houses of worship to be discussed in the parliament. In this article Watanī presents a collection of opinions of members of parliament toward the proposed law.
The article bemoans the fact that at the end of yet another parliamentary session there is still no progress on the unified houses of worship law. A bill was presented to the parliament four years ago and was referred to the housing committee but since then there has been no further developments
John Watson reviews a new book by Sidney H. Griffith entitled, ’The Church in the Shadow of the Mosque: Christians and Muslims in the World of Islam’ which presents an overview of not only Islamic and Christian history in the Arab world but also provides explanations of the major divides between...
The authors interviewed the female Kenyan Muslim preacher ‘Ā’ishah Wangari Kamango on the reasons behind her conversion to Islam.


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