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In the last three months Watanī newspaper has pushed hard for the unified law for building houses of worship to be discussed in the parliament. In this article Watanī presents a collection of opinions of members of parliament toward the proposed law.
The article bemoans the fact that at the end of yet another parliamentary session there is still no progress on the unified houses of worship law. A bill was presented to the parliament four years ago and was referred to the housing committee but since then there has been no further developments
John Watson reviews a new book by Sidney H. Griffith entitled, ’The Church in the Shadow of the Mosque: Christians and Muslims in the World of Islam’ which presents an overview of not only Islamic and Christian history in the Arab world but also provides explanations of the major divides between...
The authors interviewed the female Kenyan Muslim preacher ‘Ā’ishah Wangari Kamango on the reasons behind her conversion to Islam.
Al-Bāz discusses the increasing number of Christian converts to Islam in Egypt. He presents the church’s opinion and provides numbers, although their authenticity has been called into question.
The following presents letters from the readers of Watani International, commenting on published stories, and hot topics of contention in the Egyptian media.
Samīr Marqus discusses the social reality in Egypt, the Coptic file, citizenship and the laws and rulings issued regarding building churches in Egypt at the present time.
The article discusses a dispute between a church and a mosque over a plot of land, and to whom it legally belonged.
In the article the author comments on what he sees as the changes in Egyptian society in recent decades.
Youssef Sidhom discusses the need to draft a unified law to govern the construction of all houses of worship. He provides examples of draft laws that have previously been proposed, and the issues that they faced in parliament. Sidhom believes that with this draft law being successfully enforced,...


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