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Mu‘taz Billāh ‘Abd al-Fattāh discusses the difference between liberalism and secularism.
Nabīl ‘Abd al-Malik suspects that certain articles of the Egyptian constitution will be amended while others will be left untouched. He believes that a whole integrated constitution has to be established to follow a unified political philosophy that respects the rights of all citizens, especially...
The writer is discussing the debate about suggestions for reforming religious curricula for secondary schools, because these curricula are said to repeat, word by word, phrases from the books of the executed ex-leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sayyid Qutb.
Nabīl Zakī reports about how the issue of human rights is being tackled in educational religious curricula.
Father Zakarīyā Butrus, the controversial priest who foments anger of Muslims, of Egypt in particular and the Arab world in general, through his programs which launched a no-holds-barred attack on the Islamic faith on ‘al-Hayāt’satellite channel, appears for the first time in Arab media.
Transcript of a speech presented by William Dalrymple at the American University in Cairo, highlighting his experiences traveling to Christian Holy sites throughout the Middle East, as well as his personal interpretation of political Islām. He includes references to both historical and present day...
Majdī Khalīl discusses the forced disappearance of Coptic girls. The phenomenon is not new, however it being announced more frequently. Khalīl discusses the reasons why Coptic families are more often daring to announce the disappearance of their girls, and the reasons behind the increase of the...
Islam promotes and celebrates diversity of mankind. had God wanted all people to believe in one religion, He would have made it so.
This article discusses the advice and guidance sessions that used to be held when Christian girls made a decision to convert to Islam and marry Muslim men. Although these sessions were not perfect, they defused many of the heated issues surrounding such conversions.
The American clergyman Franklin Graham said to an American news channel yesterday that Islam’s followers know how to "torture others," especially those who convert from Islam to other religions.


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