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Lebanese researcher George Qirm, a Christian, says "Non-Muslims were only severely persecuted under some Muslim rulers. Sporadic suppression as such was mainly governed by three factors: moody Caliphs, economic and social conditions of Muslim masses and intervention of foreign powers.
Why does Islam allow the killing of an apostate from Islam? Why did non-Muslims have to pay the jizya? The author tries to answer both questions.
The Western civilization is still showing its ugly face. All the masks had fallen down in Kosova. At least 100 thousand Albanians have been killed in Kosovo by Serbians who had tortured, killed and slaughtered them like sheep. So where is this great civilization that is behind what is happening in...
The author explains why there is no place for non-Muslim houses of worship in Saudi Arabia.
A prominent emigrated Copt asks 10 questions regarding the treatment of Christians in Egypt.
The governor of Al-Minya governorate talks to Rose El-Youssef magazine about the current state of communal relations between Muslims and Copts, as well as fundamentalism and fanaticism in the governorate.
Teachers of history in Egyptian universities affirmed the prominent role played by the Coptic Church in national liberation movements.
The Ibn Khaldoun Center is accused to take every opportunity to speak about the existence of a minority in Egypt. The author of the article, obviously, doesn’t believe the Copts are a minority. It points to the fact that the Ibn Khaldoun Center receives much financing from abroad.
Helwan, a suburb of Cairo, is a clear example of the good relations between Egypt’s Muslims and Christians. At the present time, Helwan’s Christian religious figures are well respected by both Muslims and Christians.
A TV station from Qatar organized a live debate on the American Freedom of Religious Persecution Law and el-Koshh between Mustafa Bakri, editor in chief of Al-Osboa newspaper, and Maurice Sadek, president of the Center for Human Rights and National Unity. Sadek, who defended the recently accepted...


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