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Al-Sharq al-Awsat interviews Dr. ‘Abd al-Mu‘tī Bayyūmī, a member of the Azhar’s Islamic Research Academy and the former deputy head of the Religious Affairs Committee at the People’s Assembly, about a number of issues, including the controversial statement of Pope Benedict on Islam and...
History has witnessed Western persecution against Eastern Christians. This review highlights some historical incidents that demonstrate this fact and asserts that the unity of Christians and Muslims in the East is facing foreign danger.
Subtitle: 1- Change your religion so as to get back to your work2- A letter from the management of Sheraton confirms the accusation, yet the management assures that this letter is falsified.3- The scandal has reached human rights organizations and the news is being shown on German TV4-...
Subtitle:- Some monks in Saint Samuel’s Monastery broke into the room of a fellow monk and took everything.- Did one of the monks say to the bishop "I will tie you up and send you to the pope with my thanks"The case of Monk Gawargius al-Sa’omuli and goings-on at Saint Samuel’s Monastery.
Subtitles:- Alazm: Islam has killed a lot of people on the pretext of dividing them into Muslims and Zimmi.- Dr. Qawadri: "We do not have in Islam the word Zemmi. They are equal citizens, you should not use the word zemmi or Jizia if you do not like them.- Dr. Alazm: Islam is an obstacle in...
It is expected that the most important project that is going to be discussed by Congress in its coming session will be a new bill that imposes sanctions on countries that harass Christian minorities. These countries include Arab and Islamic states, who are now trying to make the bill more...
Hānī Labīb writes about the politicization of the Coptic Church and the political participation of Copts in Egypt.
Amin Makram Ebeid discusses the rule of Muhammad Ali, who prepared Egypt for a secular form of democracy, and his successors, and wonders whether the age of tolerance in Muslim-Christian relations ended with the failure of the liberal era.
The author examines the situation of Copts under Islamic rule. He states that the weight of this history makes it difficult for Egypt and other Arab countries to support the principles of tolerant liberalism.
The author writes about the ongoing Islamization of Egypt. In this article he describes the historical Arabization of Egypt.
The Iranian writer, Bahrām Bīdā‘ī, expressed in his play “The book of Shaykh Shizrīn" the crisis of a society dominated by a self-interested religious group which exercises its influence to convict and eliminate anyone who has a difference of opinion.
The author criticizes the way the state is dealing with Coptic problems, which only led to deteriorating relationships between Muslims and Christians in Egypt, and calls for quick political and constitutional reforms as the only way out of this serious dilemma.
Fādī Habashī interviews Bishop Mousā, the bishop of youth, and discusses with him the current problems Copts are facing.
The author responds to allegations that the Azhar promotes sectarian conflict and tension and even spreads “bomb- fatwas”.
Mas‘ud Sabrī, an Egyptian researcher, says there is a misunderstanding concerning the notion of Ahl al-Dhimma in Islam. He points out that some Egyptian Copts or those who oppose the application of Sharī‘a have this confusion, and so the author tries to point out the exact meaning of the...
The tolerance and justice the Islamic conquerors showed encouraged Copts in Egypt to become integrated within the Islamic society. Jamāl Badawī sheds light on the Coptic culture during the Islamic era.
The author analyses the statement of the recent Coptic conference that was held in Montreal, Canada, last April.
The author asserts that Copts are part of Egyptian society, listing a number of elements that support his opinion.
The author criticizes Pope Shenouda’s recent contradictory decision regarding many important issues that concern Copts in Egypt.


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