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Ninety eighty percent of the US Senate voted for the religious persecution law which forces the White House to take measures against countries accused of practicing any form of religious prosecution. Despite objections to the law while it was being discussed [in Congress] earlier this year, the...
An Egyptian lawyer sues the Sunday Telegraph for US $ 17 billion in compensation for what it published on allegations of persecution of Copts.
The article calls Coptic human rights lawyer Maurice Sadek a source of lies and gives several examples.
Also Dr. al-Qimni addresses issues of double standards. For example one of the current Sheikhs of extremism thinks that it is the Muslim’s duty to declare war against Bulgaria and Spain since they were once Islamic territories. But territories that were once Christian are not discussed. Several...
A discussion on the number of Copts in different functions.
The author laments the style in which writers have been discussing the Muslim Christian issues.
Rose el-Yousef reported on the article in el-Destour. It found the extremist declaration as not less dangerous than the murder on 58 tourists in Luxor. Both targeted Egyptian economy. Extremists started targeting economy by imposing the payment of ’protection money’ on Copts in Upper Egypt.


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