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The author spoke about the reasons, aim and outcomes of holding a Coptic conference in Montreal, Canada, last April.
The author criticizes statements made by intellectual Dr. Silīm al- ‘Awā, in which he emphasizes that Copts are dependent on foreign support in solving their problems and that Copts’ conditions are very much better than those of Muslims.
Author Hānī Labīb argues that globalization, according to its Western version in general and the American version in particular, represents a serious threat to citizenship. He adds that national sovereignty is no longer absolute or immunized.
The rights of the Copts are based on a law legitimized by Islam.
Mamdouh Nakhla, head of the Al -Kalīma Center for Human Rights, is participating with Muhammed al-Dirinī and ‘Aboud al- Zumour in the authorship of a book entitled "The Hell Capital" about how Christians and prisoners are treated in Egypt.
Tahānī Ibrahīm castigates expatriate Coptic minority pressure groups and praises the exemplary behaviour of the Nubian minority.
Those who try to create hostility between Islam and the followers of the other religions do not behave in a correct Islamic manner but express a personal inclination and a religious disturbance within their minds. The Qur’an makes it clear that the relationship between Muslims and the followers of...
[The RNSAW received this text from Dr. Abu Zayd for placement in the RNSAW. The text was first presented during a conference in June in Berlin, Germany] Since the occupation of Egypt by Bonaparte in 1798 Muslims have had to address the issue of secularization. Some Muslim thinkers believe Islam...
A discussion of sectarian violence in Egypt at the Andalusia Centre for Studies on Reconciliation and Combating Violence and the Development of Democracy Group.
Nabīl ‘Abd al-Malik discusses the issue of the rights of minorities in the Middle East, suggesting that current circumstances require foreign support in order to achieve justice for persecuted minorities and ethnic groups in the region.


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