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  This year's Coptic Christmas holiday comes exactly one year after a shooting outside a church in Naj‘ Hammādī and less than a week since a tragic church bombing left 23 dead in Alexandria. In light of these threats, AWR's Jayson Casper tells the story of how Coptic Christians celebrated the...
List of the articles commenting on President Mubarak?s decision that Coptic Christmas day is a national holiday. The decision is highly praised and welcomed.
The administrative court have rejected a case put forward by Coptic lawyer Mamduh Nakhla which argued that the Coptic New Year should be made an official holiday.
Bishop Maximous of Madinat Al-Salam thanks the president for his decision.
Coptic organizations in the USA thanks President Mubarak for his decision establishing January 7, Coptic Christmas, as a national holiday for Christians and Muslims.
A comparison between Coptic Christmas before and after President Musbarak´s decision that January 7 is a national holiday. The author expresses the hope that this decision will revive the motto “Religion is for God and the homeland is for us all.”
The article speaks about the problems facing Copts to get their supposedly official holidays. Some officials haggle with their Coptic employees over their self-evident right to a holiday. The author wondered until when official silence would persist on this issue.
Judge, Fārouq ‘Abd al-Qādir, asserted that there is no legal obligation on the prime minister to make Coptic new year a fully-paid official holiday.
Today, a harsh delusory media campaign would be mounted against France due to the law banning the donning of explicit religious symbols. We might as well take France’s ’lead and put our house in order by going after the countless issues we tend to shelf or place ’on hold’, leaving them...
For Arab Christians, this Christmas my have been a time for introspection, but for Arab Muslims it was time for some serious thinking. The last holiday season more than any other in recent memory witnessed events of inclusions and exclusion, both sad and dramatic, symbolically.
According to the logic of geography and history, not relying on claims of chauvinism, I can say that Egypt, unlike all the people of the globe, enjoys a deep-rooted national unity.
The introduction of the Coptic researcher Hani Labib’s "Religious protection crisis.. Religion and the state in Egypt" is written by Prof. Mohammed Selim Al-Awa, an Islamic thinker. Labib believes that the most dangerous tool of globalization is religion. Religion is the most explosive and...
In this article, the writer points out that the Coptic new year’s day is an Egyptian feast and not only a Christian one.
On the 25th of last June, I wrote an article entitled "A Shout to the Governor of Cairo". In this article, I exposed the complaint of the Christian employees in Munsha’t Nasar district. They were warned and punished by cutting a days pay from their salaries, as a result of being absent on the 23rd...
Inspire of the clear unambiguous laws, and despite the explicit instructions of ministers and responsibles of not disturbing Christians in their religious holidays, Christians are still complaining concerning assassinating their right in having feasts as holidays.
Happy year to all of you as today is one of the five main feasts for Christians in Egypt. These are five days for which we fight every year. We have asked several times for the feasts of the Copts to be considered official holidays for the whole country, this would conquer many negative aspects...
At the beginning of the New Year and the glorious Christmas day, we send our best regards and wishes to all Egyptians hoping it will be a fruitful year, full of God’s blessings. We renew our call for making Christian religious occasions official holidays.
Sidhom discusses Tarek Heggy’s philosophy about the principle of ’accepting the other’. "That deserves to replace the principles of tolerance as a distinguishing mark of civilization in tomorrow’s world." he says.
The paper received a number of inquiries from Christian readers who are government employees regarding their right of having paid leaves for Christian religious occasions. An overview of the Christian rights is given.
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