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In an interview with Copts-United, Dr. Reverend Rifʿat Fikrī, president of the Synod of the Nile – The High Council of the Evangelical Church, discussed his new book entitled, “Religious Reform in the West and the East,” on the occasion celebrating 500 years since Martin Luther. 
Dr. Ṭāriq Manṣūr writes about his personal reflections on the meaning of religious tolerance as seen from Islam and Christianity in Egypt.  He focuses on examples from the Prophet’s life and the Quran [al-Qurān] that support religious tolerance from an Islamic perspective. 
Egyptian columnist Ḥamdī Rizq writes this week: Sectarian strife is more severe than murder, indeed, more severe than murder. Sectarian strife is the door to all evils, and God has mercy on us from sectarian strife as manifested in Minya.
The Coptic woman's ambition never ends; she is tireless, and never gives up trying to get her rights, especially in facing the church’s legacy of dominance over women’s affairs.
Media presenter Majdī Ṭanṭāwī attacked the Minister of Religious Endowments, Muḥammad Mukhtār Jumʿa, for his decision to ban loudspeakers in tarāwīḥ prayers so as to respect Christians’ feelings. 
Ahmad Hānī claims that the aim of the terrorist attack on the Two Saints Church in Alexandria was meant to increase tensions between Muslims and Christians.
This issue presents a number of articles on the freedom of expression and the freedom of creed, and also comments on a new film released in The Netherlands, which is trying to counter-act the harm caused by the controversial film ’Fitna.’
The following article presents the second and final installment of a two-series article that discusses Aḥmad Maḥmūd ‘Abd Allāh, or Abū Islām Ahmad ‘Abd Allāh as he preferred to be known as.
The writer comments on an article written in a French newsmagazine which makes a prejudiced comparison between the image of Jesus and the Prophet Muhammad.
The author of the article examines Karen Armstrong’s article, ’The Muslim Prophet Born in Bethlehem,’published by The Guardian a few days ago. In her article, Armstrong denied the existence of a clash of civilizations between Islām and the West and highlighted the exalted position of Christ in...


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