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The Egyptian Union of Human Rights, headed by Najīb Jubrā’īl, will hold an international conference in Cairo in the second week of June, with the aim of monitoring and documenting religious persecution and discrimination suffered by Copts in Egypt since the events in the Al-Zāwīyah Al-Hamrā’...
Pope Shenouda III reacted to the American allegation of discrimination against the Christian minority in Egypt, in a dialogue with the Egyptian writer Sanaa El Said, which was published in her book "Pope Shenouda’s world and religion". The pope refused the law of "Religious Persecution" issued in...
The author argues that it is in the interest of the Israeli secret service to saw discord between peoples of different denominations in the countries surrounding Israel. Examples are given from Egypt and Lebanon.
Zaklama comments on the incident of Al-Koshh which had become a major internal issue, distorted in the media.
The Coptic Orthodox Church in Alexandria applied twenty years ago (!!) to the governor of Alexandria to dedicate a spot of land, owned by the governorate, to build a church in Al-Maamoura Beach serving thousands of Coptic residents and visitors. Until now that permit has not yet been granted.
Minister of Tourism Dr. Mamdouh Al-Beltagi said that all attempts to ravage the relationship between Muslims and Christians will be in vain. The minister pointed out the plan, made by Egypt’s Ministries of Culture and Tourism, to promote the visit of the sites of the Holy Family.
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