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Mona Abu Senna [Munā Abū Sanna]: Fighting corruption requires tackling the economy Mona Abu Senna: Political leadership is not solely responsible for high prices Mona Abu Senna: Economic measures are right so as to prevent the collapse of the state Murad Wehbe [Murād Wahiba] : Fundamentalism...
This article was originally posted on Christianity Today, May 31, 2012. The first free election in Egypt's history has captured headlines worldwide with its unexpected runoff between a Mubārak regime figure and a Muslim Brotherhood leader. Less known is that 17 Coptic evangelical leaders met with...
The German Catholic organization Missio asked Arab-West Report about Migration, dialogue and socio-pastoral challenges for Christians in Egypt. Father Douglas May, MM, A U. S. Catholic priest’s perspective based on 18 of the last 30 years in Egypt.
Coptic Orthodox Pope Shenouda III is often praised, in particular by his own followers, for his ecumenical stances. The reality is, however, somewhat different, as the decisions of the Coptic Orthodox Holy Synod show. All synod meetings were presided over by Pope Shenouda, a strong and charismatic...
Ishāq Ibrāhīm reports about Bishop Mūsá’s meeting with Christian college students discussing the “ch” phenomenon.
‘Ubayd discusses the history of various forms of Christianity, from Arab Christians to Eastern Christians, and the problems that are still remain to overcome.
The pope’s recent declarations have embarrassed Arab Catholics living in the Islamic world. Western countries have different stands on Islam, particularly in Europe, according to the historical and ethnic experiences of each country.
A symposium entitled, ‘How can I live as a Copt?’ held in Shubra, discussed the role of Copts and the importance of their effective contribution to society.
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