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The attempts of the Christian and Muslim religious men and the national leaders succeeded in solving the problem of Al-Koshh through the peacemaking committee.
Dr. Sayyed Tantawi, the Sheikh Al-Azhar and Pope Shenouda confirmed that Egypt is the country of peace and security and that their people enjoy the same rights and duties.
Dr. Atef Ebeid, the Prime Minister confirmed that Egypt will remain one fabric of Muslims and Christians. That was said during the visit of Dr. Ebeid yesterday to Pope Shenouda to present his greetings for Christmas.
Christians in Egypt celebrated Christmas yesterday. In Al-Koshh, churches held masses for that occasion. The signs of celebrating a feast appeared on children. Citizens exchanged visits to greet each other for Christmas and Eid Al-Fitr.
Christians celebrated Christmas yesterday. The Christmas mass was held in all Egyptian Churches the day before yesterday. Pope Shenouda III led the Christmas mass in the Cathedral. Dr. Atef Ebeid, the prime minister visited Pope Shenouda in the patriarchal residence yesterday to present his...
Prime Minister Dr. Atef Ebeid visited Pope Shenouda III, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the missionary province of St. Mark yesterday in the Abbassiyya Cathedral to extend Christmas greetings to him. Dr. Sayyed Tantawi the Sheikh Al-Azhar and other religious and government dignitaries also...
The sheikh al-Azhar left his Ramadan-breakfast with Pope Shenouda and went to father Paulis Basseli or ’father Paulis’ as he is called by our brothers, Christians and Muslims of Shubra, and the members of the ’Coptic Karama’ Society which he has established and heads.
Muslim and Christian religious leaders have announced their agreements that family planning is religiously acceptable and the lawful right of a man and wife. The leaders have also agreed that abortion is unacceptable under any circumstance unless the birth threatens the mother’s life.
As part of the continuous effort at the popular level in Egypt to support a Muslim-Christian dialogue, a symposium was held by a religious society last week.


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