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The Sheikh of the Azhar sent a message to the bishop of Canterbury to support the stance of the Episcopal Church, which rejects homosexuality and homosexual marriage. He affirmed that all divine religions agreed upon prohibiting homosexual relations.
An inter-religious dialogue meeting between the Azhar and the Anglican Church was canceled by the Azhar. The reason is the admission of American Bishop John Robinson, who is homosexual.
Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall have made a short visit to Egypt, but controversy has surrounded the decision to grant the Prince an honorary doctorate from the Azhar University.
Translation but not mentioned if summarized or not. Could it be a summarized translation? Answer yes or no   
The annual meeting between the Permanent Committee of the Azhar for Dialogue with the Monotheistic Religions and the Episcopal Anglican Church Dialogue Committee is due to be held Thursday in Canterbury, London.
Dr. Rowan Williams, the Church of England’s Archbishop of Canterbury warned that Muslims will become the scapegoat for the London bombings which have been claimed by al-Qā‘ida. Muslims and mosques in Britain have suffered assaults.
Members of the Islamic-Christian Dialogue Committee issued a statement in which they praise all attempts to deepen relations between the Azhar and the Episcopal Church. The statement also condemns the American and Israeli practices in Jerusalem and Iraq. It warns against starting wars in Iraq and...
Text of the official statement.
Our new boardmember Dr. Wolfram Reiss responded to the summary of an article of Rose el-Youssef (RNSAW, 2002, week 39A, art. 6) and wondered whether the Iqbal el-Saba´i, the author of the article had correctly presented the views of bishop Mounir, head of the Episcopal Church in Egypt, and sheikh...
[The RNSAW presented a summary of this text in week 39A. This is a full translation]


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