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The author notes the iftār table held at the first church to be established in Ra’s Sidr, where calls were made for relationships of cordiality and mercy to be prevalent amongst all Egyptians.
Head of the Pontifical Council for Inter- Religions Dialogue, Cardinal Paul Poupard, addressed the Vatican’s annual greeting to Muslims at the end of the Ramad...
Pope Shenouda urged Copts to take preventive and cautious measures during their phone callsbecause State Security Investigation monitors them.
Coptic writers and intellectuals comment on the iftār banquets held by Coptic figures in the name of national unity.
The monk congratulates the sheikh in a letter to the editor with his sermon on TV which he sees as an example of religious tolerance. The fact that the monk felt that he had to write such a letter shows that not all preachers are like this sheikh.
Christians making claims without any evidence about Muslims ‘Abducting Christian girls for conversion. Critique on an Al-Ahrār article for the way it expresses anger for Israeli violence.
The article reports that nearly two million Christians and Muslims are celebrating the Virgin Mary festival, which is held annually on Jabal al-Tayr Mountain in al-Minyā governorate, Upper Egypt, marking the anniversary of the Holy Family’s journey in Egypt and their visit to this part of the...
The review focuses on a feast celebrating the anniversary of the Virgin Mary’s stay in Upper Egypt during the visit of the Holy Family to Egypt, attended by two million Coptic and Muslim visitors.
President Muhammad Husnī Mubārak sent yesterday his warm greetings to Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria, patriarch of the See of Saint Mark, and to Egyptian Copts abroad, extending his best wishes for Easter to all Orthodox churches.
The blessed month of Ramadan and the Christian Holy time of Advent coincide this year. Thus, they become one among many signs that make Muslims and Christians nearest in affection. The attacks of September 11 were condemned by the authoritative voices throughout the Islamic community and among the...


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