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Claims made in a recent issue of the French magazine Le Figaro about the situation regarding Copts [Coptic Christians] in Egypt are discussed.
The Minister for Education, Dr. Hussein Kamal Baha Al-Din, has issued a Ministerial decree number 29 dated January 1, 1999, to add Dr. Milad Hanna to the committee for the revision of the History curriculum at all educational levels in particular with the aim of pointing out the importance of the...
Dr. Milad Hanna declared that the church in Egypt does not represent the Copts.
The state honored the Coptic writer, Counselor Edward Ghali El-Zahabi, former Chief of the Court of State (hai’it Qadaya el-Dawla), an authority on the study of the rights of non-Muslims in an Islamic society, and a former member of the People’s Assembly, on the occasion of the Holy Mulid of the...
Yesterday, at dawn, the Muslims were performing the festival prayer, and in the evening, the Christians were celebrating" The Day of Epiphany. Accordingly, the way of the Egyptian’s living has changed. The iftar (breakfasting) tables became tables for love, sharing and brotherhood between the...
When the month of Ramadan comes, it stirs an energy of faith and a spiritual life in one billion Muslims who are our brothers in humanity.
[and Al-Ahrar, August 10, 1998] Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies issues its second ’Report on the Religious Situation in Egypt’.
A Copt attacking the American freedom of religious persecution bill.


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