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The author interviews two Christians, Dr. Girgis Kāmil Yousif and Jamāl As‘ad ‘Abd al-Malāk, on the phenomenon of the banning of books inside the Orthodox Church in Egypt.
Discussions within the Christian church over ‘The Da Vinci Code’ film, and whether or not the film should be censored.
The author delves into history to show that Julius Caesar was responsible for the fire at the library of Alexandria, and not Amr Ibn al- Ās as some Copts say.
Salah Muntasir discusses the laws relating to the building of churches.
Samih Fawzī argues that the Muslim Brotherhood have contradictory stands when it comes to speaking about the rights of Egyptian Copts. Sometimes they encourage having a consolidated, unified Coptic stand, while at other times, they deny Copts the right to hold military posts and call for the...
The author argues that Pope Shenouda can do nothing more to stop Father Zakarīya Butrus attacking Islam, since Butrus is no longer part of the Coptic Orthodox church, and therefore does not fall under the pope’s authority.
Dr. Nabīl Louqā Bibāwī, in this article, calls for a new model of culture that spreads love and tolerance among the people of the heavenly religions, presenting an example of an American pastor who allows Muslims to pray in the churchyard on Fridays.
Mutāwi‘ Barakāt writes about Egyptian Coptic intellectuals rejection of the idea of increasing the attention that the UN and US have placed on the plight of the Copts in Egypt.
Dr. Nabīl Louqā Bibāwī calls on Father Zakarīya Butrus to change his preaching style, saying he is preaching Christianity through attacking Islam, which threatens Muslim-Christian relations.
Sout Al-Umma devoted a special file to an overview of the book “Muhammad…Al-Risalah Wa Al-Rasul” [Muhammad…Mission and Messenger] by Christian writer Nazmi Luqa.


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