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The article presents a short overview of the personal and professional life of Anwar Luqa.
The author praises President Mubarak for his role in consolidating national unity. He also praises the relation between Pope Shenouda and the Sheikh of the Azhar.
The article is an overview of Dr. Nabil Luqa Bebawi’s book “The Problems of Copts in Egypt and their Solutions” [The book was covered by AWR in previous issues].
The article discusses the problems of Copts in Egypt in a review of a book by Coptic writer Nabil Luqa Bebawi. The book is titled “The Problems of Copts and their Solutions.”
The article is an overview of Dr. Nabil Luqa Bebawi’s book “Terrorism is not an Islamic Product.”
The Middle East Research Center at Ain Shams University organized a seminar titled "Islam and Christianity standing up to Western claims.” Muslim and Christian participants called for setting out a unified Arab strategy in order to face Western claims and Zionist spite. They praised Egyptian...
The author asks Coptic intellectuals their opinion concerning the plan of Colin Powell to change Arab regimes and an article discussing the citizenship of Christians. He also criticizes Dr. Milad Hanna´s comments on President Mubarak´s decision that established January 7 as a national...
The author believes that President Mubarak has brought back the good old days of national unity and that the friendship between the Grand Imam of the Azhar and Pope Shenouda is a clear example on that.
Translation but not mentioned if summarized or not. Could it be a summarized translation? Answer yes or no   
“Expatriates and orientalists had a significant impact on forging the Westerners’ image about Islam and Prophet Muhammad. Some of them were fair but others were wearing dark glasses and that is how they viewed everything as dark, the very color of their hearts, alleging Islam is a religion brought...


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