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In light of the controversy caused by the recent comments made by French President Emmanuel Macron, al-Ahrām Portal talked to three Coptic intellectuals who agreed that insulting Islam, religions in general, and prophets is unacceptable from a Christian perspective.  However, some of them also...
Copts who have been camping outside the Egyptian Radio and Television Union demand an end to all forms of conflicts with Muslims. They want full citizenship rights guaranteed by the Constitution. However, according to the Copts, the government does not respond to their proposals.
This article examines the termination of the TV program by former Qummus (Archpriest) Zakarīā Butrus. Both Christians and Muslims disagreed with much of Butrus’ beliefs.
A review of a book by author Andreas Baumann, showing that being an advocate of Christian missionary work also can result in a critical self-reflection.
The author discusses Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, visit to Pakistan, and the discrimination and persecution of Christians in the Islamic world.
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