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CIDT’s Bill Gallo attended an Egyptian demonstration ahead of an American pastor’s plan to burn copies of the Qur’an on September 11. But the event’s organizers and participants may surprise you.
Al-Sayid Turkī writes about the achievements of western orientalists.
This article strongly criticizes the claims of al- Gābrī, professor of philosophy at Muhammad V University in Morocco, about the Qur’ān’s perversion, providing counter arguments to these claims.
The article tackles the crisis of freedom of expression in the Arab world in light of the severe attack that author Al-Gābrī has faced due to his discussion of the Qur’ān’ s perversion.
Seven religious scholars refute the allegations of the Zionist German writer Christian Luxenburg, who claims that the Qur´an was written in the Aramaic language which prevailed at that time and not Arabic. Further, they argue against his theory that the Qur´an was not a revealed text but...
Grand Imam of the Azhar Muhammad Sayyed Tantawi said the circulation of that alleged book of The True Furqan [a variant name for the Qur’an] is prohibited from a shari’a [Islamic law] point of view specially after it turned out to be a corrupt version of the Qur’an.
The forged book of the Qur’an is nothing but a series of lies and allegations some malicious anti-Islam US circles are trying to propagate in order to prejudice the sacredness of the Qur’an in a significant expression of hidden venom against it.
They were really new satanic verses as Al-Furqan, a weekly magazine issued by the Kuwaiti Islamic Heritage Revival Society, published a serious article on a new book allegedly being the right version of the Qur’an
The author claims that Jewish corruption of Islamic texts dates back to the period of the Sahāba [Prophet Muhammad’s companions], and examines three categories of corruption.
The book of Al-Forqan Al-Haq”, [The True Que’an] is ridiculous and does not deserve more than pity for the effort of those who wrote it, their effort is in vain. Those who wrote it, the grandchildren of monkeys and pigs are the human error that exists on earth, namely the Jews.


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