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Recently there have emerged some strange stances justifying the terrorist attacks against Copts in Egypt. Muḥammad al-Ibīyārī-- Internal Security Advisor to former US president Barack Obama- -claimed that this is a direct result of the Egyptian Copts stance against former president Muḥammad Mursī...
The final outcome of the Brotherhood’s fatwá is the inevitable disappearance of churches in Dār al-Islām (Islamic countries), which logically entails that there is no place for non-Muslims in Egypt. The Shaykh ends his fatwá stressing that building churches in Islamic countries is not permitted.
A top prosecutor ordered the arrest of hard-line Muslim preacher Wajdī Ghunaym for investigations over charges of slandering Coptic Orthodox Pope Shinūdā III after he died. [Aḥmad Shalabī, al-Miṣrī al-Yawm, April 2, p. 16] Read original text in Arabic
Dutch scholar Johannes Jansen contributed an essay – ‘The Religious Roots of Muslim Violence’ – to a 2011 anthology entitled, ‘Terrorism: Ideology, Law, and Policy’. In it he makes the case that violence and terrorism are part and parcel of the Islamic religion, traceable to its root sources at...
On a Youtube film released on March 28 one sees salafī leader Muhammad Hasān preaching against liberalism which, according to him is anti-Islam. This is a leader who prior to the revolution was unknown to most Egyptians. He was serving in prison for his aggressive speech and was released when the...
The article is based on an interview with the well-known cleric Khālid al-Jindī.
The following article presents the second and final installment of a two-series article that discusses Aḥmad Maḥmūd ‘Abd Allāh, or Abū Islām Ahmad ‘Abd Allāh as he preferred to be known as.
Several readers have sent letters in response to a previous letter by reader Samīr Farancis criticizing Dr. Zaghloul al-Najjār’s articles about the scientific miracles contained in the Qur’ān. The first of these letters was by Hamdī ‘Abd al-Mo‘tī ‘Alī, who said Dr. Zaghloul al-Najjār needs nobody’s...
Dr. ‘Imarah discusses how the West fears the spread of the Islamic civilization and therefore wages wars against Islamic fundamentalism and not against terrorism.
In his newspaper Sawt al-Ummah on 10 February 2004, Hammouda accused Christians of being polytheists and unbelievers and he tried to use the Qur’ān to back his claims, but the Qur’ān is free of these claims. The editor of Sawt al-Ummah has a long history of poisoning national unity. Art. 3 - the...
Editor-in-chief of Sout al-Ummah has written a two-part article on monotheism. Some of the points he raised are understood to be directed against the Christian faith in the Holy Trinity and reincarnation. The priest of the Hanging Church responds to his articles and a Coptic attorney has...
Al-Ahram columnist Anis Mansour wrote that Jesus Christ had a half-brother called James. He claimed this piece of information came from the Bible. In this article, Orthodox and Protestant clergymen comment on what he wrote and explain the difference between the two denominations on that point.
The author criticizes Professor Zaghloul al-Najār’s continued attacks on Copts, underlining that his statements underestimate Christianity and threaten to fracture national unity in Egypt.
‘Adlī Abādīr makes shocking statements accusing Egyptian authorities and the Muslim Brotherhood of treating to kill him.
Shaykh Ahmad Dīdāt’s video tapes and the television channel of the “lunatic” Zakarīyā Butrus have caused serious harm to Egyptian national unity and led in turn to unfortunate incidents between Muslims and Christians.
Father Marqus ‘Azīz comments on the sectarian-based crime in Alexandria and blames it on the authorities, media and Islamic writers.
Wajīh Yousuf Fāna opposes Dr. Zaghloul al-Najjār’s viewpoint that there is a reference to Islam in the Bible.
Father Shenouda Marqus rejects the Danish cartoons and expresses his understanding for the angry feelings of Muslims, but at the same time wonders why Muslims in Egypt do not show the same level of sanctity towards Christianity, which he feels is being humiliated everyday in Egypt.
‘Imād Samīr ‘Awad believes that the behavior of the Islamic thinker Zaghloul al-Najjār does not differ, in harming the feelings of Christians, from that of the Danish caricaturist who humiliated Islam by mocking its prophet.


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