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The suspended priest Filopātīr Jamīl, pastor of the Virgin Mary Church, is claiming that his suspension was a result of his membership of al-Ghad political party and his support for al-Ghad’s leader, Ayman Nour, in the presidential elections.
Drs. Hulsman provides a detailed description of Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt, and a history of Coptic problems, stemming from their own actions and outside influences.
The Archbishopric of Jīza filed a petition to Pope Shenouda III yesterday requesting that Father Filopātīr Jamīl’s suspension be extended until after the parliamentary elections, but the request has been rejected by the Assembly of Civil Society Organizations.
The suspension of a parish priest by the Archbishopric of J īza has caused controversy in the church. His reason for suspending Father Filop āt īr are unclear, but according to Filop āt īr himself, he was suspended for joining the Ghad party.
One year ago, a monthly publication was born called al-Kat ība al-T ībiyya, meaning ‘the T ībiyya battalion’, referring to T ība, the capital of ancient Egypt. The publication has focused on digging up the history of the dark ages, pointing out sectarian differences and fuelling the flames of...
A number of Copts have asked that President Mubārak intervene to close al-Katība al-Tībīya newspaper because its sectarian views trigger animosity between Copts and Muslims
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