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The Christian Coptic Orthodox Youth Movement [Shabāb Kristiān], which is subject to the Coptic Orthodox Church and the Holy Synod headed by His Holiness Pope Tawāḍrūs II, announced its rejection of any insult or abuse against Islam or any religion.
The Coptic Orthodox Church issued a statement yesterday evening in response to the statements of former father Zakariyā Buṭrus (Zakaria Boutros), stressing that he had been cut off from the church for more than 18 years, following his attack on the Prophet Muḥammad.
The author of the article, ‘Abd al-Wahāb Sha'bān, discusses the consequences of the insulting language used by both Shaykh Abū Islām Ahmad ‘Abdullah and Priest Zakarīyā Butrus. Sha'bān describes how Abū Islām and Butrus publicly criticise and insult Christianity and Islam, respectively. According...
This article examines the termination of the TV program by former Qummus (Archpriest) Zakarīā Butrus. Both Christians and Muslims disagreed with much of Butrus’ beliefs.
In its documentary, B.B.C sheds light on the issue of Christianization in the Middle East, especially Egypt and Morocco.
The author criticizes Abū Islam Ahmad ‘Abd Allāh who considers his attacks against Christianity a kind of jihād.
This article sheds light on a symposium concerning the reasons behind sectarian fitnah in Egypt. 
This article deals with the augmenting shaykhs’ hate discourse inside the mosques.
The author highlights the declarations made by Bishop Bīshūy, secretary of the Holy Synod, concerning the defrocking of Father Zakaria Butrus.
An interview with Metropolitan Bīshūy, the Holy Synod Secretary General, regarding some serious issues.


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