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Prime Minister, Dr. Hāzim Biblāwī, also denounced Erdoğan’s remarks regarding the Azhar Grand Shaykh.  Biblāwī said that religious symbols like Shaykh Tayyīb should not be insulted. The Shaykh is of great value to Egypt and the Arab and Muslim world and he is the head of the largest Islamic...
We must call things by their names: the brutal terrorist attack on Friday, November 2, on a number of Christians who were visiting the monastery of St. Samuel the Confessor between Beni Suef and Minya, which resulted in the death of seven people and injuring thirteen people, is a crime against...
Samīr Murqus writes about the state of religious tension in Egypt.
This article describes the four young Coptic men who died trying to save a Muslim sanitary worker from suffocating in a drainage pit. Although the worker cried out for help after beginning to asphyxiate from the toxic gas, his manager and other workers would not commence a rescue for fear of...
The article reports on the establishment of a Coptic group inside the Syndicate of Lawyers.  
This article critiques the hold that religious institutions have over Egyptians and argues that they are an obstacle to the creation of a cohesive Egyptian identity.
The head of the Middle East Freedom Forum Magdi Khalil lays out the goals, aims and methods of his new organization and beseeches Egyptians to support and encourage its work.
The author reviews a novel authored by Assil Bassili entitled, ‘Irini Passi.’
Hāzim Munīr asserts that prohibiting non-Muslims from dealing with Faysal Islamic Bank is religious discrimination and consequently a violation of the Egyptian Constitution.


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