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A new attempt has been made to falsify the Holy Qur’an on the Internet. Verses were made claiming that Muslims have been lead astray, and false sayings are attributed to Prophet Muhammad.
The Priest David Benjamin Caldani converted to Islam and wrote a book called ’Muhammad in the Holy Book’ in which he explains how he came to convert to Islam.
A high profile Muslim response to an offensive Internet web site succeeded in having the site removed from one server, only to see it reappear on the web.
America on Line announces that it has canceled a site on the Internet that contained forged Qu’ranic verses.
Qu’ranic verses are forged on the Internet. The site called suralikeit contains Arabic words written in the style and rhythm of the Qur’an to form sentences opposed to it in meaning.
Dr. Christian van Nispen criticized the ban of the Minister of Education to teach the book of Maxime Rodinson’s book Muhammad at the American University in Cairo after Salah Montassir criticized it in Al-Ahram of May 13, 1998. Salah Montassir believed the book constituted an attack on Islam but van...


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