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The author argues that religious texts in the Torah and the Bible are corrupted and that they are not the original holy books revealed to Moses and Jesus.
In a September 2005 seminar on Islam, Pope Benedict XVI rejected Fazlur Rahman’s [1919-1988] call for a thorough reinterpretation of the Qur’ān, stating that Qur’ān cannot be modified.
Dr. Ayman ‘Abd al-‘Azīz al-Bishbīshī makes many assertions about the birth and ministry of Jesus Christ, and also comments on his twelve disciples who continued the work of his ministry on earth.
The author argues that texts in the Bible are racist, in that they urged the Jews, as the holy people above all others, to usurp the riches of all nations.
Muhammad ‘Umāra argues that the misinterpretation of the verses 58-63 of al-Anfāl chapter [Editor: The spoils of war] is the main reason behind the spread of false perceptions about Islam.
The author claims that Jewish corruption of Islamic texts dates back to the period of the Sahāba [Prophet Muhammad’s companions], and examines three categories of corruption.
In his book titled "The Da Vinci Code", Dan Brown claims that Christ married Mary Magdalena and had children from her. In spite of the myths and false claims included in the book, it is heavily circulated in many places around the world. Brown also claims that the grandchildren of Christ and Mary...
The book of Al-Forqan Al-Haq”, [The True Que’an] is ridiculous and does not deserve more than pity for the effort of those who wrote it, their effort is in vain. Those who wrote it, the grandchildren of monkeys and pigs are the human error that exists on earth, namely the Jews.
The great-grandfather of the current US president, George W. Bush, wrote a book titled “Muhammad: The founder of the Islamic faith and the founder of the Muslim Empire.” The book first appeared in English in 1831 and has since then become one of the most important references feeding the Western...
Al-Ahram columnist Anis Mansour wrote that Jesus Christ had a half-brother called James. He claimed this piece of information came from the Bible. The reaction of Muslims and Copts to what he wrote was very angry. A Coptic thinker commented on it and explained the Biblical verses speaking about...


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