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Muḥammad ‘Imārah claims that expatriate Copts raise suspicions about the Qur’ān to undermine Islam and prove that the Qur’ān is equal to the Bible, when in reality they are aware of the Bible’s perversion.
‘Muslim Jesus,’ a British documentary, creates uproar among Christians all over the world. Aḥmad al-Sa‘dāwī observes Egyptian reactions to the issue.
The author discusses the issue of books in Egypt spreading the ideal of sedition. He questions why these books are permitted to be published, and stresses the damage that this causes to the principles of citizenship.
Egyptian literature has witnessed several religious debates. The article presents an example of these debates and sheds light on the first novel on the human values of the Crucifixion, written by a Muslim Egyptian entitled, ‘Qariyah Zālimah’ [Unjust Village].
The author discusses Coptic iconography over time, as well as the significant contributions of a number of renowned Coptic iconographers.
A review of Tahar Ben Jelloun’s novel ‘This Blinding Absence of Light.’ The author of the article stresses the book’s focus on faith and compares it to some of the other artistic works mentioned in the novel itself.
Al-Ahram columnist Anis Mansour [Anīs Manṣūr] wrote that Jesus Christ had a half-brother called James. He claimed this piece of information came from the Bible. In this article, Orthodox and Protestant clergymen comment on what he wrote and explain the difference between the two denominations on...
The author continues his series of articles in Sawt al-Azhar newspaper in response to Archpriest Zakarīyā Butrus’ opinions expressed in his appearances on the Christian television channel ‘al-Hayāt.’
Muḥammad ‘Aṭif discusses the concept of the unity of religions.
The article is a new installment in the author’s series of articles responding to Archpriest Zakarīyā Butrus’s critique of Islām.


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