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The Criminal Court of Sohag started examining the case of Al-Kosheh. Ninety-six persons, amongst them 32 Christians, are accused. The court heard the defense’s discussion with some witnesses of the defense. It also decided to take a witness for the prosecution into custody because of his...
The criminal court of Sohag postponed the ruling on the case of al Kosheh until the 3rd of October. This was in order to enable the lawyers to discuss with the witnesses and to review the documentary evidence of the case. The Christians and Moslems accused exchanged warm greetings before the...
The author criticizes the practices of state security apparatuses, for failing to effectively enforce the law and refer lawbreakers to justice.
A discussion about shortcomings in the administration of justice in Egypt that allow unscrupulous people to get away with crime.
A number of Christians from the Upper Egyptian village of al-Kushh, Assuit governorate, filed charges against some clergy from the Kushh church, accusing them of misusing authority to collect compulsory donations from the poor villagers.
As litigation about the title of a piece of land neighboring a Coptic monastery in “Awlād ‘Azzāz” village, sever clashes sparkled between Muslim and Christian residents.
According to Hulsman, the biggest mistake in various Western media is that they speak about the Islam. "This does not exist. You cannot say the Islam says that. There are always certain groups that say something. Of course there are basic principles that are similar for all Muslims, but there are...
The author tackles the deteriorating conditions of Copts, asserting that the left-wing’s failure to fulfill their role has a negative impact on this framework.
The 96 persons accused in Al-Kosheh riots will be retried before the Sohag Criminal Court. The Court of Cassation accepted the appeals lodged by the Supreme State Security Prosecution against the acquittals they were given.
An argument that Copts try to gain more ground through internationalizing their issues.


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