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The author discusses the recent cases of Christians who converted to Islam and wish to re-convert to Christianity. He wonders at what point freedom of belief ends and discrimination begins.
The article discusses the triumph of a few Copts who were permitted to re-convert to Christianity, having originally converted to Islam. The author criticizes the double standard in how easy it is to embrace Islam, yet how difficult it is to embrace Christianity.
The Supreme Administrative Court has accepted an appeal filed by hundreds of Christians who had previously converted to Islam and asked to return to Christianity. The Administrative Judiciary Court initially ruled against their right to legally have their re-conversion declared on their official...
The Commissioners Board at the Supreme Administrative Court has rejected to permit Christians who have embraced Islam to revert back to Christianity. It has called to create a distinguishing sign to be written on their identity cards.
The article examines the case of a group of converts to Islam, who have reverted back to Christianity and seek official recognition of their conversion away from Islam, and the problems that they are faced with in doing so.
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