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US investigators have accused two former convicts of murdering four members of an American family of Egyptian Coptic descent in January in an armed robbery in Jersey City, United States.
An Egyptian family of four was found dead in their New Jersey home. The police found Husām Armāniyous, his wife, Amal Jirās, and their two daughters tied up and slaughtered, after Amal’s brother reported them missing. He had not been able to reach the family for two days.
Ashley Makar writes about the concept of martyrdom in Egypt, the Alexandria incidents, where a Muslim man ran amuck with a knife, stabbing worshippers and killing one man and the image Egyptians have of ‘the other.’
The author of the article argues that Egyptian national unity is no longer as consolidated as it used to be.
The author argues that sectarian sedition is a business promoted by those who serve international interests.
US police reports have refuted the allegations by expatriate Coptic leaders on the horrid massacre of Husām Armānius, his wife and two daughters, foiling their [expatriate Coptic] attempts to turn a criminal case into a faith-related problem that could be used as a means of political pressure.
The Community Council [Majlis al-Milli] of the Diocese of Luxor and Armant Isnā held a commemoration service for the Egyptian family, which fell victim in the dreadful massacre that took place in Jersey City, the USA.
A press conference was convened on Tuesday 16, February, for Armanius’ family that lost four of its members in an offensive accident discovered on 14, January 2005. The US Coptic Organization, in the presence of representatives from different American and international human rights organizations...
Al-Sharq al-Awsat learned that the forensic evidence in the case of the slain Coptic American family of Egyptian origin indicates the motive of robbery rather than the alleged sectarian motivations.
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