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An update on the court proceedings concerning the controversy over a play put on by a Coptic church, which allegedly insults Islam and the Prophet Muhammad.
An investigation into the Wafaa’ Costantine case, in which the wife of a Coptic priest converted to Islam, prompting sectarian strife.
Meunir claims that he speaks on behalf of 700,000 Copts in the United States although recent official statistics assert that there are less than 150,000 Americans of Egyptian origin. Supported by Senator Brownback, he urged the Egyptian government to make the Coptic language, along with Arabic, an...
A discussion of the events in Egypt that caused the Pope to be moved to tears.
After a round of loud applause following his Wednesday sermon at the Cathedral, Pope Shenouda burst into tears remembering the tragic events of Alexandria.
An investigation, carried out with help of AWR editor-in-chief Cornelis Hulsman, into the events surrounding the riots in Alexandria on Friday, October 21, 2005.
The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) has presented its report on the recent sectarian incidents in Alexandria, making several proposals that it hopes will help avoid future sectarian violence.
The author poses a number of conspiracy theories, raising suspicions about the role of the West in recent events in the Arab world, such as the assassination of Rafīq al-Harirī and the sectarian disturbances in Alexandria.
A discussion of the reaction of the Egyptian press to the events in Alexandria, where Muslims demonstrated against a play, produced by the Mar Girgis Church, that they considered offensive to Islam.
The Azhar and the Coptic Orthodox Church should coordinate their efforts to face religious tensions in Egypt, the Grand Imām of the Azhar, Shaykh Muhammad Sayyid Tantāwī said in a speech delivered to the third conference of the Episcopal Church.


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