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The sectarian tensions in Alexandria are linked by the author to the electoral campaign between Copts and Muslims in Alexandria.
Discussion of the reasons for sectarian tensions in Alexandria and opinions on the subject.
The investigation into the causes of the Alexandria sectarian violence.
A discussion of the aftermath of the sectarian violence between Muslims and Christians in Alexandria.
The author blames Mar Girgis Church officials for the incidents and the violence that harmed both Muslims and Christians, and argues that the Pope should apologize for the play that allegedly insulted Islam.
The Holy Synod has denied in a statement that a play, which prompted angry demonstrations from Muslims in Alexandria, was meant to insult Islam or the Qur’ān. The church claimed that “the false allegations” were published by al-Maydān and al-Usbou‘ newspapers to spark sedition between Muslims and...
A press review of articles concerning the allegedly anti-Islamic play performed in the Mar Girgis Church in Alexandria, which prompted angry demonstrations from Muslims.
Egypt is known to be a model of coexistence of religions and the cradle of civilizations from the pharaonic until the Islamic one. Egypt has been known for its historically solid national unity that was unshakable despite attempts by foreign forces to destroy it.
I remember some happenings from my childhood. I remember that some of the neighbors I used to play with were Armenians and Levantine, but I also remember that the Copts we used to play with were our closest brothers as we were all the children of one nation, Egypt.


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