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Three officers claim that the wireless devices used in the Security Directorate of Alexandria were out of order which made them unable to receive SOS messages during the sectarian incidents which recently took place in Alexandria.
Fahmī Huwaydī criticizes the Egyptian governmental press for lacking transparency and bending under the pressures of the regime. He refers to media coverage of the recent events of Muslim-Christian sectarian clashes in Alexandria as a case in point.
An electric contact ignited the wooden classrooms on the roof of Mār Girgis Church in Sīdī Bishr Alexandria. Security services ordered that a fire hydrant be installed in order to combat potential fires in the church’s neighborhood.
Eyewitnesses denied the misleading coverage of ’al- Qāhirah al-Yawm’ [Cairo Today] program on the fire in Mār Jirjis in Alexandria which raised skeptical questions on the incident and brought back memories of the sectarian strife that occurred in Muḥarrām Bik in Alexandria.
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