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Fanatics lose one round; Nūr Qaldas; Watani Printing and Publishing Corporation; Cairo; June 2010
The “Egypt for All Egyptians” festival, which was set to take place at the Azhar Park today was cancelled following orders by the State Security. The organizing “Egyptians Against Religious Discrimination” group said that the order to cancel the festival, which was intended to oppose sectarian...
This article talks about the founding of the organization Egyptians against Religious Discrimination (MARED) and the media coverage concerning sectarian issues in Egypt, with regard to MARED.
Khalīl continues highlighting a piece of research entitled “Education and Citizenship” which was presented at the second Conference for Egyptians Against Discrimination.
This article by Watani details the rally by the National Committee for Confronting Sectarian Violence against Egyptian Media for its portrayal of sectarian incidents which cause much harm to Copts. The rally was held in front of the Television and Radio Union building in Cairo, Egypt. Watani...
The article highlights the statements of Muhammad Munīr Mujāhid, coordinator of Egyptians against Religious Discrimination, about discrimination against Copts.
The national committee against sectarian violence was established in the aftermath of the attacks of Naj‘ Hammādī.
Khalīl highlights a valuable piece of research presented at the second conference of “Egyptians against Discrimination” , entitled the name ‘Education and Citizenship’.
The author reflects on the impact of the marches of expatriate Copts as a reaction to the Naj‘ Hammādī’s incidents.
Watani International reports on the incidents in Naj‘ Hammādī, listing the names of the dead and giving background about the threats reportedly received by Copts over revenge for the alleged rape of a Muslim girl in Farshūt. The article closes comparing the outrage over the killing of Marwa al-...


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